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Here you find information about the family name “Luckenbach”.


The origin of some usual German family names is a town name. For example the name of the first German chancellor Konrad Adenauer is linked with the small town Adenau near Köln (Cologne). So it is possible, that the meaning of the name Luckenbach or Luckenbacher is “the man coming from Luckenbach”. (1)

Today there is only one place in Germany with the name Luckenbach. It is in the country called Westerwald (=west Forrest) in the north of the state Rheinland-Pfalz and about 5 km north from the town Hachenburg. But it is not sure, if this place is the origin of the family name “Luckenbach”.

In the future I will publish more about Luckenbach in English at this site. It is also planed to publish my results of genealogy research.

If you have got some infomation that will help me to complete this page, do not hestiate to contact me. I am thankful for any help.



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